Bimbia has been crowned winner of this year’s 2019 FESTAC canoe race competition which held at Limbe Down Beach seashore on Saturday April 13, 2019 for both male and female category. It should be noted, last year, Bimbia’s canoe had a mishap on the high sea and could not emerged victorious.

Speaking with the Mayor of Limbe III Council Nseke Dibotti Luma shortly after the arrival of his boys at the seashore, he said they had acquainted themselves with waves and test their canoe, he added that, due to the waves last year, they had a mishap so they had to redefined their strategy worked on it, which had paid them. Quizzed how much control does Bimbia have over the sea, Nseke Dibotti said “Bimbia is the sea”.

“You can never tell what will happen in that sea, so when they go, you have to compose yourself, meditate before you can do any other thing”. Mayor Nseke Dibotti told reporters.

Quizzed if there is mystical magic behind canoe race, he said, people may go mystic but hard work pays, which has paid Bimbia. Mayor Nseke Luma Luma added that before coming to the connoe race, he was very confident that his boys will win due to the nature of work they did.

“The amount of practice session, meeting with various stakeholders, the blessings they received from our traditional rulers gave us the confident, and the boys and girls assured us before the kicked off that they will come first which they for filled their promise.” Mayor Nseke Luma told reporters.

On his part the team captain for the male category, Daniel Ekema Toko said, it was a tough race, which it was not easy, he added that it was his third time being the captain, and first time taken the tropy. Daniel Ekema appreciated his supporters, pullers, Chief, Mayor among others.

It should be noted that, in male canoe race Bimbia came first, Mondoli, second, Wovia third, Batoke emerged four and Botaland fith position. In which they received FCFA 700.00, 500.000, 300.000, 200.000 and 150.000 respectively.

In female canoe race Bimbia emerged first, backed home FCFA 500.000 and a trophy and Wovia FCFA 350.000 and a trophy.



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