The SDO for Fako Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux, has urged the population of mile 4 Bonadikombo village to create vigilante groups members, to secure their water catchment from rampant destruction by some unknown individuals in the village, that has been causing thousands of people to suffer lack of inadequate water supply for three months now.

He made the appeal on Thursday April 4, 2019 at Bonadikombo village management office while in a crisis meeting with the populace of Bonadikombo. The SDO assured the Bonadikombo populace that, they will support them to ensure that, water will flow from their taps as soon as possible

“I want to promise you that, we are going to enter into a partnership, the administration is going to be there, and the population will also be there because there is nothing we can do without you. And we are very happy that, women have promised to secure the water, so I want to thank them especially” Engamba Emmanuel said.

In a consultative meeting with the people, some of the inhabitants thanked the SDO and his close collaborators for coming to their aid to end the water crisis which they have suffered for close to three months now. They added that, they have been consuming water from doubtful sources.

The Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Motanga Andrew Monjimba assured the population that the Limbe City Council will provide them with all the materials they need, while the Mayor of Limbe I Council Ro-danny Mokako Mbua said he will provide them with workmanship to rebuild the water catchment destroyed by some unknown individuals for selfish reasons know to them.

In a welcome address presented by the Chief of Bonadikombo village Essombe David Nanyowe, he appealed to his subjects to collaborate with the administration in order to ensure constant water flow in the village.

The Chief was disappointed with the poor behavior of such individuals involve in destroying the water catchment.he told his people to inform the unknown individuals engaged with such devilish act that, water has nothing to do with their differences. He added that their mothers and fathers in Bonadikombo village are suffering as a result of the lack of water supply.

On his part, the Regional Delegate of Water resources and energy Awa Celestine Anyam told Inhabitants that, the administration will still have hand and eye on the management of water, despite the fact that they claimed they do not need the services of Camwater to manage the water.



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