Stakeholders of the public and private sectors like civic society have been urged to learn from the competent ministry and it’s partners and actively collaborate to guarantee stainable management of water resources. The call was made by Regional Delegate of Water Resource and Energy Away Celestine Anyam on Friday March 22, 2019 at Limbe City Council Hall Down Beach during the 27th edition of world Water Day Baptized under the theme “Leaving no one behind”. The Regional Delegate of water Resources and Energy Awa Celestine added that this year’s theme focuses on aspects of human right water which is a basic social need and the equally addresses the worries of refugees. He added that deficating in water and construction along the water canals and farming along the catchment pose a threat to human health ecosystem and well-being of the society. He said in order to safe guard quality water result there is a need to create a good ecosystem management and economic environment. Which can only be archive by use of participatory approach in collecting good ecosystem management such as enhancing afforestation products, good agricultural practices and consultation of water resources. On his part, the Regional Director of Camwater Ebot Oballe said within this 21st century so many illness are being cause as a result of negligent. He urged the participants to always to educate their peers. ” Tell your brothers and sisters, family members and friends that is not necessary to disturb the catchment” Ebot Oballe told the participants. Hee cited the case in mile 4 Bonadikombo village in Limbe I Subdivision where the population are complaining that their taps has gone dry, blamed the population for misusing the catchment. While urging them to follow basic hygienic rules, water norms to cultivate farm products 30 meters away from the catchment. It should be noted that, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterre, in a circular message to the world encourage cooperation to tackle the global water crisis and strengthen resilience to the effects of climate change to ensure access to water for all, especially for the most vulnerable. He stated that, 2.1 million people live without safe water due to factors such as a status, gender, ethnicity, religion and age, growing demands, couple with poor management, have increased water stress in many part of the world. On her part the divisional delegate of water resources and energy Victorine Mbibu Karngong Epse Yunji said the government is doing alot to the population to give bore holes, public investment in the various towns for small water scheme to the population. “It’s not good to build toilet, and cultivate products besides the water catchment because fertiliser will cause cancer to our health. Those who will be caught will receive serious sanction.” Victorine Mbibu said.

Cross section of participants during Friday’s 27 edition of World Water Day in Limbe


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