Divisional officer for Limbe I subdivision Seraphin Epale has urged newly installed quarter heads and traditional council members to ensure peace and security which is the utmost concern of the State as the Anglophone crisis persists in North West and South West Regions.

D.O Seraphin Epale dished out the instruction on Friday January 4, 2019 at Comprehensive field mile I Limbe. The Divisional officer for Limbe I accompanied by his close collaborators and addressing the over 8 quarter heads and 36 traditional council members and their inhabitants insisted on strick respect of hygiene and sanitation, fight against marijuana consumption and insecurity by creating vigilante groups and to ensure they collaborate with adminstration and with the chief who appointed them.

The D.O congratulated chief Motia Martise Motia for his dynamism and hard work in developing Livanda village by creating vigilante group in the village. Epale Seraphin however promised the chief that he will channel the needs of the village to the appropriate quarter.

“Livanda village being a newly reconstituted community needs a very dynamic hardworking, selfless quarter heads and traditional council members to assist the chief in order for the village to actually see limelight.” Epale Seraphin said.

On the domain of hygiene and sanitation the D.O called on the quarter heads to ensure their quarters participate in the keep Limbe clean days and dump refuge in the trash cans provided by the Limbe City Council DO Epale Seraphine equally told the quarter heads to be dynamic, participate in all developmental projects of their various quarter and Livanda village as a whole.

Epale Seraphin however called on the population of the various quarters to respect and obey their quarter head for the progress of the village.

Welcoming the D.O and his entourage chief Motia Martise Motia said as the first ever chief of Livanda village, it is but obvious that the challenges are huge and the responsibility is enormous which requires that they organise themselves properly so as to facilitate communication with his population.

Chief Motia Martise clearly spell out that Livanda village traditional council is made up indigenes and elites of Livanda village while the Livanda village council is made up of quarter heads, tribal heads and notables. Chief Motia Martise cited the various quarter that made up Livanda village which are, Mile II, Livanda North, Livanda South, Livanda extension, Livanda quarter, Towe, Cartpillar, Livanda Congo and Bamukong.

Chief Motia Martise explained that, eight quarters already has their quarter heads excluding Bamukong quarter which the administration thinks it is not yet time for the quarter to organized for security reasons. “As a community we need to be prepared at all times to face the challenges of our future development.” Chief Motia Martise said.

He added that, the quarter heads and traditional council needs to stay in touch with the population to be able to know their priority needs at all times. While urging the newly installed quarter head and traditional council to collaborate with each other to maintain peace in the village to foster development.

It should be noted that, despite the massive turnout of the event, there were two disguntle inhabitants mile II and Livanda Congo who said the quarter head installed were not their choices as they earlier voted for their quarter head. Speaking to the CAM I TV an inhabitant of mile II who spoke on anonymity, said Naja Carr has ruled as quarter head over seven years and has worked with the administration but was rejected as quarter head. She added that because they intend to collect FCFA 20,000 for plots he has sold and it can not be possible she lamented.

Reacting to the press chief Motia Martise said there was a draw vote between the former quarter head and present quarter head, he regretted that, the former quarter head could not bring development and creat his traditional council for over seven year, so he had no choice left for him and his traditional council members to replace the two quarter heads of mile II and Livanda Congo.

Speaking to the press the quarter head of Livanda quarter Alahaji Amadou said he is ready to work in collaboration with the chief and and the government. He added that it is time to of peace, solidarity, cooperation with understanding. Alahaji Amadou however assured his subjects of security peace and to foster development in the quarter.


Limbe I DO Epale Seraphin shaking hands with newly installed quarter and traditional council members of Livanda village as Motia Martise Motia looks on.


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