CPDM militants urge to rally behind Biya, Vote for upcoming elections Militants of CPDM Fako I A have been urged to rally behind the Head of State President Paul Biya and vote for upcoming Legislative, Municipal and Regional elections. The call was made by head of Fako I A Section President Motanga Andrew Monjimba on Sunday March 24, 2019 at the party Secretariat Down Beach. Baptised under the theme, “Let us rally behind the President of the Republic H.E Paul Biya in order to consolidate peace in the next territory and to continue the smooth running of the Program of Great Opportunities” According to Motanga Andrew Monjimba, the future elections are certainly more tests to cement the point that Limbe is a CPDM bastion. He added that, the party hierarchy expects nothing but a landslide victory from the CPDM lists. “We have to give the Head of State an overwhelming majority at the regional assemblies, councils and parliament for him to continue realising his Vision 2035 with little obstacles in the way and line with his year’s commemorate theme” Motanga Andrew said. He added that, to realise this objectives and targets, it is important that all of them to register on the electoral lists. Motanga Andrew emphasis for militants to register, while saying those who will not registered are certainly not CPDM militants. Motanga Andrew said this year’s commemoration comes at a time when there is need more unity in the party to push the enemy to a corner. And it is a call for Cameroonians of goodwill, foremost among whom militants should all speak in one voice in support of the President of the Republic as he fights on all fronts to make our country peaceful, stable, prosperous, one and indivisible. “Today, we are witnesses and victims of violence and insecurity for us. Do you fight for people by maiming them, chopping of limbs, kidnapping them, closing their only source of livelihood, we are all helpless in the face of the crumbling of the symbols of Anglophone identity CDC, PAMOL, Sasse College” Motanga Andrew questioned. He urged the militants to stand up as one, rise above fear and say enough is enough. Motanga Andrew uses the opportunity to invite the population to massively turnout for Limbe FESTAC billed for April 6-13. Welcoming the militants earlier Central II Subsection President Kombe Gardidien Eko said the anniversary gives them a chance to meet as members of the same family and celebrate the glamour of the beloved party. He vowed that they shall in conformity with this year’s them rally behind the National Chairman, Excellency President Paul Biya in consolidating peace in the national territory and continue the smooth running of the programme of great opportunities. He also joined his voice to call for massive turnout for upcoming elections. On her part Hon. Etombi Ikome Gladys MP for Fako East constituency, preaches peace during the anniversary, she said there is no country without a problem but it all depends on the way the citizens go about seeking for solutions. She however regretted the number of lives which have been loss in the ongoing crisis Hon. Etombi Ikome called on the militants to rally behind President Paul Biya and give him the maximum support to make sure the CPDM stand tall again despite the ups and downs the party is experiencing as the Anglophone crisis persists in the North And South West Regions. The representative of the Head of Fako Central Delegation Dima Gabriel, appreciated the turnout of the militants, he said CPDM through Paul Biya has admitted that there is a problem in the North West and South West Regions and is seeking solution to bring the situation to an end. Dima Gabriel said for 34 years the party has stood the test of times despite the thin and thick which is blowing the party from all directions. While urging the militants to massively register and vote for the upcoming elections and rally behind President Paul Biya to make Fako a place to be. The section President of YCPDM George Eyole Haddison said the Youths of Fako I A truly love peace and value it to the end. And love to live and laugh together regardless of ethnic difference. He urged to demontrate the spirit of love and togetherness so as to rebuild Limbe, South West Region and Cameroon in general. “The H.E Paul Biya within this 34 year has proven that diplomacy is the bedrock on which Cameroon is built. Papa we salute your great statemanship and plead you apply the same leadership skills to enable us walk the street again without looking over our shoulders” George Eyolle stated. On her part, WCPDM section President Fako I A Eposi Luma Christiana said the 34 anniversary ushers them a good opportunity to review their voters registration records, and encourage fellow militants who were sitting on the fence to safely come on board. She however called on all women of WCPDM for Fako I A to massively engage in a door to door sensitisation and make sure they all register their names now


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